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Equilibrium in Dance

Who is this book most suitable for?
This book is especially dedicated for dancers involved in street dance styles (popping, locking, house dance, freestyle hip hop, bboying, waacking, vogue, krump), but it can be adapted into many other styles and cultures such as contemporary or tango.

What is the book about?
Equilibrium In Dance  is a guide on your path to a better freestyle and it will most definitely help you evolve constantly. It is the only street dance book  that offers you information on how to improve your dance.  The book consists in four chapters, namely:
The struggle with the mind – how to stay focused and keep going with training
Reprogramming – 
how to create a daily routine- schedule, how to set up training, exercises to improve vocabulary, musicality, how to use space, character

Applied philosophy in dance – different philosophical topics adapted to dance, how to think outside the box
Extra resources – what to search, read, listen more in order to get different perspectives, different opinions, extra motivation

Why buy the book?
It is essential for you to grow as a dancer and develop your style. Also, it is important for you to know how to work on your craft and talent, what to expect when you start training, what obstacles can appear on your path and how to overcome them. Equilibrium In Dance offers you a chance to get to know yourself better, helps you realize your true potential and gives you different ways of doing your training.

Info about writer – Robert D. Tatoi
Robert D. Tatoi is a dancer and choreographer with over 9 years of experience in the street dance community. In the last 3 years he has spend most of his time developing techniques and exercises to improve the quality of his students freestyle. He has been asking for continuous feedback and as a result the exercises have been optimized over the years and now they are in the perfect form so that they are easy to understand and easy to apply. 

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